Canyon Education Foundation

The Canyon Education Foundation needs every family to directly contribute $600 per student per year to the general fund to pay for teacher salaries. No raises have been given in the last three years and real health benefits have decreased. This contribution will help bridge the current $100,000 projected deficit due to continued reductions in state and federal funding.

We realize that each family is in a unique financial situation and will want to develop their own strategy to reaching this funding goal. Our donations form will help you devise a plan to ensure that the goal is met by the end of the school year. It will also help the Canyon school Board know what they can expect in total contributions for the year so that they can determine staffing levels and teacher benefits.

On the first day of school, we gave you an envelope with a printed copy of our donations form. Please return this form in the attached envelope by September 15th, so we can share the projections on “Back To School” night. All information is strictly confidential and only the total of all projected contributions will be discussed.

We hope that by understanding your plan at the beginning of the year, we can avoid having to constantly ask you for contributions. This will help everyone (including the teachers staff and school board) be assured that Canyon School will achieve the balanced budget and that teacher layoffs, increases in class size, and other program reductions will not occur.

Thank you for your continued support.

2011-2012 Update

We want to thank all the parents who have contributed to the School Fund this year, and also thank those who gave their time, talent, and resources to make this 2011–2012 school year amazing. The fund-raising season was unbelievably successful and has immensely helped bridge the huge deficit we were faced with this year. Thank you to all who supported the cause, whether selling raffle tickets, participating in our first on-line auction and/or attending and supporting the Urban-Peasant Auction—you all helped make the season a huge success!

To date, parent participation donations are at 56%. I know that number may seem low this late in the year, but we are confident that all outstanding promises will be fulfilled by the end of the school year, which will ensure that we make our budget. We must, and will, work on improving the overall parent participation percentage for the 2012–2013 school year.

We’re so close to our goal, so for all those who have been busy and may have forgotten about us, please remember that we are still counting on you and need your support.


Angel Clifford