About Our School


Canyon School’s mission is to foster lifelong love of learning, integrating individual academic growth and achievement with artistic expression. We draw strength from our extended community rich in historic tradition, our unique natural setting, and our small size. The school provides a sanctuary for developing the talents, strengths, and confidence of each individual so that our students become resourceful adults who think and act creatively and critically in the world community.

Nestled deep within the redwoods and flowing creek, Canyon School is the only school located in the Canyon District, serving as a California public K-8 institution. Built in 1918, the school was originally named Valle Vista School, and renamed as Canyon School in 1921. Rebuilt in 1993 into what is now a three-classroom building, Canyon currently provides a lively education to 69 students.

Canyon School is supported by dedicated faculty and staff members, some of whom are school alumni. Four full-time and one part-time instructors teach in three classrooms which are divided up into K12, 345, and 678 grade levels. The age difference in classrooms encourages the students to help and learn from each other, fostering a strong student community.

Canyon promotes creativity through inspiring art and music programs. Each Wednesday, the school features a comprehensive visual arts program and students participate in Capoiera activites and learn to play and appreciate music, dance, and song. In addition, teachers and volunteers facilitate a program to enrich students in a variety of other dynamic art and music projects. Canyon School encourages and supports a lively community by means of annual student performances. The long tradition of annual performances began in the 1920′s. One of those traditions is the annual Winter Performance which features a performance by each class, written by the faculty and students themselves.

In addition to performances, the school’s fundraising organization CATSS hosts several community building fundraisers, including an annual Spring dinner and live auction, the popular Halloween Carnival, the Art Faire, and a pancake breakfast.

The Canyon School lunch program features a healthy, natural, and mostly organic food menu that includes vegetables from the local organic gardens. After lunch, students participate in a daily routine of cleaning up messes and washing dishes.