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Former Canyon School student, Mira Falicki, needs your help. Her father passed away 10 months ago, which presented a sudden and devastating change for her family and especially hard to process with the additional stress that the pandemic has brought on. Over the last year, her mother, Erika, was forced to quit her job of 21 years, something that meant a lot to her. She also filed bankruptcy and is now working somewhere where she gets significantly less pay. She is weighed down by the constant financial stress and grief that accompany all these adjustments. As long as Mira has been alive, her mother has never slowed down or given herself much of a break to keep up with supporting her. Mira is hoping to give her a break with your help. All donations go directly to her mother and go towards the cost of next month’s rent. Any amount is greatly appreciated! Thank you all.

What’s with the raven?

The new school logo was created by Canyon School parent and local resident, Kelley Westling. Crows and ravens are akin to Canyon. They often swoop onto the school playground from redwood tree limbs high above. Inspiration for the logo came from “Camille’s Crows,” a term used by the school community that relates to the large presence of these critters during the school aftercare program, facilitated by Camille Rodriguez.