We raise funds toward the essential operating budget of the school.

Budget cuts by the state mean that the school cannot operate as it currently does on state funding alone.

In previous years, CEF has provided 10% to 20% of the school’s annual budget.

(CATSS is our sister organization responsible for enrichment programs and activities – those things beyond general operation of the school. Visit CATSS.

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Our Fundraising

CEF will spend most of its focus this year…

Our Membership

We are parents and community members who have volunteered our time.  All people in the school community are entitled to join as voting or non-voting members.

Our Team is …

President: Raphaelle Steinzig
Parent of Penelope Godwin, Canyon Resident, Canyon School Alumna
Vice President: Cassie Hilaski
Parent of Jasia
Treasurer: Mike Godwin
Parent of Penelope Godwin, Canyon Resident
Voting Member: Montana Rane
Canyon Resident, School Alumnus, and Former School Parent
Voting Member: Jocelyn Bale-Glickman
Parent of Gwendolyn and Annaliese
Voting Member: Patricia Paton
Canyon Resident
Ex Officio: Gloria Faircloth
School Superintendent

Contact CEF

Use our email form or you can reach any of us via this email address, and are also welcome to send messages to our personal addresses listed on the school roster.

Telephone: (925) 376-4671. This is Canyon School’s main number, where you can be put in touch with us.
Mailing Address: Canyon Education Foundation – P.O. Box 20, Canyon, CA 94516