Spanish Program Policies & Procedures

Sick/Absent Policy

Generally speaking, no refunds will be issued for absences either for sickness or vacation. However, partial refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis if a child is absent for more than a week because of illness and has a doctor’s note, or a family has a planned vacation of more than a week about which they inform the program in advance. Parent/Guardian must contact Ursula by phone (510) 693-9426, email, or speak with her in person before a planned absence.

Late Pick-Up Policy

$1/minute after 6:00pm

Discipline Policy

Within a context of openness and respect, limits are clearly and consistently articulated through our community agreements as a class as well as rules of Canyon School. Instructors set clear limits with clear consequences in a firm and relaxed tone, without emotional involvement. Time out will be used as a last resort after three reminders/ redirections are given to the student. Children may choose to read or do a quiet solo activity during their time out. If an unacceptable behavior continues, a call will be made to the parent/guardian or a meeting set up to discuss further steps for discipline.

Sign-Out Procedure

A parent/guardian must sign out each student upon arrival for pick-up. Additional authorized people listed on each student’s Emergency Contact Info Form may also sign students out. If you wish to add someone to this list, please contact Ursula.

Our Right to Adjust Fee Structure and Hours of Operation

Please note that this program can only exist if the fees brought in meet the costs of running the program. The fee structure that we have put into place is one that we feel should sustain our operating costs. However, it is currently a small program. In the event that our revenues are not meeting our operating costs, we will have to respond immediately by raising fees and/or reducing our hours of operation.