Meeting Minutes for 02/13/2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I. Call to Order at ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬7:00 p.m., (7:00 p.m.)
Roll call: Geronimo Bernard, Brian Coyle, Gloria Faircloth, Ian Llewellyn, Jim Smith, and Kaya Westling. Other persons attending are also invited to give their names, but this is optional. No one shall be required to provide a name in order to attend the meeting.)

Designated taker of minutes: Geronimo Bernard, and timekeeper: Ian Llewellyn

II. Adoption of the Agenda (as written or as amended). Members of the public may request that the order of items on the agenda be changed. The Board may delete or change the order of items, but the only new items that may be added are those that involve a need for immediate action and that came to the Board’s attention less than 72 hours before the meeting.

Moved by: Geronimo Bernard, seconded by: Ian Llewellyn, ayes:_4_, nays____, abstain___, absent: 1, motion approved.

III. Patriotic Observance

The First example of animal becoming a new species: A lone finch flew to Galapagos and bred with another finch 31 years ago. They created a new species and they have been tracked the whole time.

Martinez county quote: “Vision” voting. Invest strength in our nation. We enrich our lives through precision with virtue and pride. We are the Silent Support of the System.

IV. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings

Approval of Minutes of January 9, 2018 Meeting. Moved by: Geronimo Bernard, seconded by: Ian Llewellyn, ayes:_4, nays:_____, abstain:_____, absent:__1_, motion approved.

V. Recognitions

A. To CATSS and CEF for Developing a Comprehensive Fund Raising Program for 17/18.

VI. Public Comment (This is the time for the public to comment on items that are not on the agenda. Board members or staff may respond briefly or ask for clarifications, but no Board action will be taken.)

• Liked Soule Shoppe representatives. Would like updates for parents that were not there.
• Hope to have more promotion for work day and more specificity in job needs.
• Parents curious about guest visits. Who is allowed? How?
• What are rules for public visits?
• Address Women’s History month. Would like local women and not only “dead women.” Find local alive women, perhaps even to visit the school.
• Appreciate the limited sugar on Valentine’s Day.
• Scratch software for STEM is really cool. Make software easily. Has great creative element, strong math and logic work.
• Would like to see more parental control on computers.


Having weekly meetings, April 21 Fundraiser. Board letter that was sent out helped.

VIII. Board Mail

IX. Reports
A. Superintendent’s Report
1. Facility

a. Trees

Met with Ray Gronthom. We were told that no matter how much trim work you do, there are always going to be falling branches.

b. Alarm Response

Upgrades are being done.

c. Fire Alarm Contract

Local neighbors need to have contact numbers to call for when the Alarms do go off.

Sheriff wants to come out to run emergency drills with school. The Sheriff will come on February 28. We are required to have an Active Shooter Policy.

2. Budget

3. Employment

4. After School Program

5. Lunch Program

Wellness policy changed because of lunch time change. Need to monitor P.E. and Lunch throughout the year to check effectiveness of Wellness Program.

B. Principal’s Report

Response to the Visitor questions. Visitors need to check into office with Secretary, Principal, or Superintendent.

1. Staffing

2. Curriculum

C. Board Policy Project

D. Other Reports and Requests by Board Members

X. Discussion Items

XI. Action Items

Resolution 2018 02 13 A. William’s Quarterly Uniform Complaint Report
Moved by: Brian Coyle, seconded by: Ian Llewellyn, ayes: 4, nays:_____, abstain:_____, absent: 1, motion approved.

Resolution 2018 02 13 B. Approve Update and Review of Wellness Policy.
Moved by: Ian Llewellyn_, seconded by: Brian Coyle, ayes: 4, nays:_____, abstain:_____, absent: 1, motion approved.

Resolution 2018 02 13 C. Approve Update of School Safety Program.
Moved by: Ian Llewellyn, seconded by: Geronimo Bernard, ayes: 4, nays:_____, abstain:_____, absent: 1, motion approved.

XII. Adjournment at 8:07 p.m. to next regular Board meeting on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.