Meeting Agenda for 05/10/2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018
7:30 p.m.
I. Call to Order at ______ p.m., (7:30 p.m.)
Roll call: Geronimo Bernard, Brian Coyle, Gloria Faircloth, Ian Llewellyn, Jim Smith, and Kaya Westling. Other persons attending are also invited to give their names, but this is optional. No one shall be required to provide a name in order to attend the meeting.)
Designated taker of minutes______________ and timekeeper________________.
II. Adoption of the Agenda (as written or as amended). Members of the public may request that the order of items on the agenda be changed. The Board may delete or change the order of items, but the only new items that may be added are those that involve a need for immediate action and that came to the Board’s attention less than 72 hours before the meeting.
If amended: moved by:_____ seconded by: _____, ayes:___, nays____, abstain___, absent___, motion_________.
III. Patriotic Observance
IV. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings
Approval of Minutes of April 10, 2018, Meeting . If amended: Moved by: _______, seconded by:_______, ayes:____, nays:_____, abstain:_____, absent:_____, motion __________.
V. Recognitions
A. To CATSS and the CEF for the Beautiful Nocturnal Fundraiser. Elegant and Successful Event.
VI. Public Comment (This is the time for the public to comment on items that are not on the agenda. Board members or staff may respond briefly or ask for clarifications, but no Board action will be taken.)
VIII. Board Mail
IX. Reports
a. Superintendent’s Report
1. Facility
2. Budget
3. Employment
4. After School Program
5. Lunch Program
b. Principal’s Report
1. Staffing
2. Curriculum
c. Board Policy Project
d. Other Reports and Requests by Board Members
X. Closed Session – Pubic Employee Appointment – Chief Business Manager/Official
XI. Action Items
The Hiring Committee for the Chief Business Manager/Official Position for FY 2018/19
Moved by: _______, seconded by:_______, ayes:____, nays:_____, abstain:_____, absent:_____, motion __________.
XII. Adjournment at ______________ p.m. to next regular Board meeting on Tuesday,
Agenda Prepared: By Jim Smith and Gloria Faircloth