Move-a-Thon 2020

Move-a-Thon 2020

October 1st (12:01am) thru October 31st (Midnight)

The Walkathon has been the biggest fundraiser of the year for CATSS and has funded many wonderful programs over the years. Due to COVID-19, it’s being held as a virtual “Move-a-thon” this year. Read on!

How it works

Your child(ren) gets sponsors to fundraise for the school with their activity efforts. Each child can choose any type of physical activity they want and a goal of how many minutes per day they spend doing that activity each day in the month of October. They then go to work and do all they can in October to achieve their goals and raise as much money as possible. They collect the funds promised and turn them into the school on November 16th between 4 and 6 pm. The school celebrates! And we all have a lot of fun in the process! See second page for examples of activities and goals.

What you need to do

  • Download, print out, and use the Official Sponsor Sheet to collect sponsorships. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to donate a flat amount (collect that on the spot) or pledge a per minute amount. Record all the details and tell your per minute donors you will return to collect the donation with your officially recorded minute count.
  • Use the donation button below if your child(ren)’s sponsors would prefer to sponsor by credit card or Paypal.

During October

  • Wear appropriate attire to participate in your chosen activity.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate!
  • Have fun moving!
  • Keep track of your minutes.

November 1st – 15th

  • Collect any outstanding donations from your friends, family and neighbors.
  • Submit your Official Sponsor Sheet and donations to the school on November 16th, 4-6 pm.
  • Watch for the prize-giving event!