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Planning Process for Reopening

Dear Canyon Community,

I am so grateful for all of your collective patience, positivity and the resources you find and share.  I am writing today to share where we are in the planning process for reopening.

The teachers and I have been spending the summer reviewing online curriculum materials and designing an online pedagogical experience that will be as effective as possible for the kids.

What is up with the waiver?

There is a potential waiver process which could allow us to petition the health department for permission to open in person for the youngest kids.  We have posted a public hearing notice so that we are able to hold a public hearing at our August Board meeting (which is necessary for the waiver process).

In my meeting with the Contra Costa Health Services today, I was told that there is not yet a criteria checklist for when they will consider waivers.  Parents should not expect any swift action on this process, certainly not before the start of the school year.

It is clear from the survey that many people are on the fence about the safety of an in-person return and are waiting to assess the public health data closer to that time.  I am aware that the public health situation has not improved over the last month.  The indicators, can be found here.

This public hearing on August 11th will be a true public discussion of the pros and cons of a limited reopening when the public health indicators have improved.  At the conclusion of that discussion there will be a board vote.  This will simply be a yay or nay on further investigation of the possibility of a waiver.  If the Board votes not to pursue the process, you will know that.  If the Board votes to attempt to get a waiver, it only means that we will continue to explore next steps.  IT DOES NOT MEAN AN IN PERSON OPTION IS HAPPENING for the start of school.

Distance Learning

You may know, Eric Reynolds, our webmaster, who’s children attended Canyon School.  He has been building us a new Learning Management System this summer that will streamline and improve the distance learning experience for the children.  We are eager to share the platform with you, but we are not quite ready yet due to the technical implementation timeline. Given that staff has not yet been able to access the platform, we will share our initial plan for distance learning at the August 11th Board Meeting.


The state is requiring that all students be caught up on immunizations to return to school, even in a Distance Learning model.  Please ensure your child is completely caught up on all immunizations to be eligible to engage with school in any capacity.

Many of you are reaching out with questions, I encourage you to continue doing this.  I look forward to hearing from you and seeing many of you on August 11th at 7 PM.


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