Guidelines for Enrichment Providers

Thank you for taking part in the Canyon School After School Enrichment Program. The use of our facilities is a courtesy extended by Canyon School to community organizations and groups for the enrichment of our student’s experience. We invite and encourage your use of facilities, and to make this a pleasant experience, we request that you read and follow the guidelines.

Guidelines for Usage During After School Enrichment Programs

  • Enrichment providers must provide program descriptions prior to activity start date
  • A public school activity, whether taking place during the school day or otherwise, shall have precedence over any other activity for the use of such property.
  • All afterschool enrichment is under the direction of Aftercare- enrichment providers must provide program fee information to Director of Aftercare
  • No afterschool enrichment program schedule is permanent. Classes will be reviewed at the end of each session (or trimester if longer than 8 weeks). Days or times may be adjusted to accommodate new offerings.
  • It is a requirement that enrichment providers must provide one scholarship for every 10 paid kids enrolled in program
  • If the group leaves the area of the building in a not clean state causing the custodial staff to reclean the area, the group will be charged for the added custodial time needed to reclean the area.
  • Any changes, cancellations need to be communicated 48 hours in advance
  • Any program of two hours or longer should provide students with a snack
  • Any outdoor program (or program with young kids who may have accidents) must maintain a change of dry clothes separate from those provided for K12 class (we can find a discreet place to store this)

Space Communication:

Classroom space is not available for non-staff members. Programs that want to use an inside space (building C, multipurpose room, kitchen or the library) need to discuss space needs with Director of Aftercare when they present the program. Director will then know who needs spaces and have rain contingency plans.


An aftercare employee will stay until the last enrichment student leaves. We will bill programs for the difference monthly (if kids are still in aftercare, then the enrichment provider will not be billed). Please do not pay anyone in cash.

How to Communicate:

The aftercare director and enrichment providers will communicate via email. The aftercare director can be reached at:

Basic School Rules:

  • Students must be in your sight at all times and cannot be left alone; they must be under control ( ie they cannot run away from a teacher or run off toward the garden or the grove without an adult at the helm)
  • Kids can come into the building to go to the bathroom, but must let an adult know.
  • Any outdoor program must have two adults at all times.
  • Enrichment providers need to know where kids are at all times
  • Throw only balls
  • No sticks on the playground fields at all
  • Outside providers need to bring their own materials/supplies (paper, pencils)
  • When students are outside in the rain they must have rain boots, waterproof outerwear
  • Students cannot be barefoot at any time in any place (this is an insurance liability for us)
  • The road by the garden (commonly referred to as “the Tracks”) does have fast traffic. Children are expected to wait at the top of the steps if an adult is not leading the group. A dog was run over in that spot and parents have expressed grave concern about kids being unmonitored in the road.
  • Nobody should be behind the school building (on the east side)

School Rules for Grove and Creek:

  • Students must wear rain boots in the creek.
  • Nobody can access the creek when the water is brown or during spawning season (January-April)
  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • Students must stay in boundaries (the hill on the east side), the fallen log/fence on the back/south side, no access on the west bank (roadside) at all.
  • Students are not to go up the slope on the hillside because of poison oak.
  • Students are also supposed to avoid causing erosion throughout the grove and school surroundings.
  • Kids can access “Little Creek” on the side by the school, but not the far side because of erosion.
  • Students must walk on walking bridge.
  • Walking to the garden, kids must follow an adult and walk on stairs (so they do not run into road and get killed)
  • No manmade materials in the grove or creek
  • Sticks are for forts only and cannot have a diameter larger than an adult’s wrist
  • New restrictions may come up as weather related changes happen. The school will try to notify, but if in doubt ask someone.