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Meeting Minutes for 06/05/2018

CATSS Meeting 06/05/18

Next CATSS Meeting: Next school year…

Attendance:, Dylan, Lisa, Kelly W., Sonya, Greg, Libbi, Lucia

Previous meeting minutes: …


Working out $s and figuring where what $ came from to figure out what goes where to balance budget given shortfall & plan next years budget. – Needs to be worked out by July 15th, sooner better… “We know what we’re doing with the finances” Libbi and Greg to meet and hand off
Year end gifts to teachers, staff and volunteers reconsidering as it was to balance when Canyon couldn’t pay teachers, staff same as rest of county. Now pay teachers, staff same so maybe back off on end of year gifts…

Costa Rica update: –
Kids need to bring $100-$200 petty cash
Tickets were less than expected so put leftover $ to “Pay it forward” but first tell parents if they want remainder returned
17-18 finances
$ in
Haunted House: $314
Art fair: $1287
Parents Night Out: $576
Critter corner: $155
Parents paid $4200
$ out
Total for tickets: ~$4k and change
Left over for pay forward ~$2000

Upcoming Events:
Call out for parents to bring cookies. Cookies used to keep kids quiet during other kids performances
CATSS coffee & tea
100 year picnic July 29
Planning meeting 11th

All School Picnic:
No glass containers
K12 fruit
345 salad
678 deserts
Misty: teriyaki chicken
CATSS (Ruby) bring check to pay but don’t fill out ‘cause cost dependant on
Bring waggon from moving things
CATSS bring tablecloth, lemonade & water
From 15-16 budget ~$1157, $400 of which was food which not paying this year
Don’t need to reserve tables
Sonya – can grab parents… there are many
Serving food
Policing desert handout

8th grade graduation thurs 14th & goodby’s
CATSS should oversee – need gdoc for this event

June 30, july 22
Ramona will send out reminders…
Ruby Dylan, Jorgan, Greg and others Haunted house
Walk a thon – Cassi, Dylan, Sonya, Ami
John H, Dylan, Greg change lights in multipurpose room

Concerns over day vs. night meetings

New Board voted in by unanimous vote:
Co. vice president/president: Cambria & Maggie
Treasurererer – Greg
Secretary: Rod

Next year fundraisers:
Tiles – Need Peggy and Esperanza to meet
Walk a thon – CATSS
Bike ride – CEF

Likely a CEF fundraiser
Kelly handed out outline for those interested can review
Continuing to research
Wants main sponsor to be Sports Basement
2ndary sponsors – grizzly peak century good partner as has lots of resources
Maybe Cliff Bar
Need EMT at each stop
3 stops
Route – keep in Cconter Costa or cross Conty line? Ask Grizzly Peak 100 mile ride. Their ride is ~1000 rides 10000 ft of climbing. $65 presale $80 day of.
Target 500 riders at $85 per person = $42,500 gross

Meeting Minutes for 05/22/2018

CATSS Meeting 05/14/18

Next CATSS Meeting: 05/22/18

Attendance:, Dylan, Lisa, Ruby., Sonya, Rod

Previous meeting minutes: …


School Picnic:
Change up of who bring what food to picnic. Sign up sheet to follow
Need to have check ready to pay park at arrival

Spring Play: 6/7
People bring cookies – Ramona puts ask
CATSS do tea coffee

Graduation: 6/14
7th grade parent does graduation: Kelly M? Misty?
Rose for each graduate and students leaving school in 6 or 7 as well.
Ruby checking w/7th grade parents

Open House
7-9pm 5/24
coffee, tea, lemonade,
8th graders in costa
CEF make EOY verbal ask?

End of Year gifts to staff:
Make sure Libbi can attend when we talk about.
Need from Gloria

Must review budget next meeting

Time to invest in 30-40 cup coffee maker. New big percolators don’t burn coffee – CATSS to get

CATSS Board – what-who-when do we decide? Next CATSS meeting must decide

Sonya meet with Libbi – meet this weekend.


CATSS Finance meeting 5/22 at school – target passing budget for 18-19 school year


CATSS has final Election meeting to decide CATSS new board

Maggi, Greg, Cambria, Melanie, Lola, Rod, and any others interested in being on CATSS board attend if interested in being on board and current CATSS board

Leftovers from 100 year gala what to do with champagne and beer? – Oh my!
Leftover champagne to staff luncheon – last day of school
Leftover beer go to spaghetti dinner in grove – WHEN!

Meeting Minutes for 05/01/2018

CATSS Meeting 05/01/18

Next CATSS Meeting: 5/10/18

Attendance: Melanie, Ruby, Dylan, Lisa, Lola, Kelly W, Cassie, Ami, Raph, Josia, Libbi lately

Previous meeting minutes: …


100 Year Gala breakdown:

Community liked the inclusiveness

Food truck – late, ran out of food – Misy do food nextime
Serving food took too long – next time have serving time window

Dessert potluck was awesome and well stocked

Sound was good – could have conversation

Lola – will upload notes
Auction items posted more days before event
More clear timing orchestrated by MC
Crate “Run of show” schedule
MC did good job upping items
Have event producer to watch times and move things along and trigger runners to make things (turn music down)
Auction descriptions were hard to see
Not have MC in front of auction items
Better lighting for MC away from auction
Better save 6-8 weeks b4 event and weekly reminders via email and mailbox
Auction donations have several weeks b4 event so can get list of items out b4 event

Auction #s
Approx $38k is low
Expenses $4k
Net $34k
CEF @ $113k of $165k b4 auction
CEF gets $18k from auction
CATSS gets full budget from auction
Total Budget shortfall ~$20k – CEF and CATSS split $10k each from reserves

Ideas for extra incentive for high $ bidders

T-shirt sales still going. Available from Ramona then sales go online.

Critter Cafe will live again – early supper – Potluck or Misty make spaghetti & garlic bread
Keep affordable – $10 each or $20 family
Date – before end of the school year
Want to have alcohol and kids.
Sell leftover booze
Maybe show movie

School do 100 year celebration for kids at start of ‘18-19 school year

Next year – spring no auction unless bike ride falls through – Fall walk-a-thon

Casie wants walk-a-thon every year – me too
Good event to engage kids, parents, community
Good in fall to bring people together

Bike ride is spring event
Brings in bike riders who pass canyon

Tile thing still coming – Esperanza working on it – getting close

Maybell thing in the fall

School starts aug 29

Labor Day sept 3

All School Campout in Grove – Sept 7,8 date decided

Back to school night sept 13

678 sept 19,20,21

345 oct 3,4,5 to move Sept 26,27,28?

Walk–a-thon Oct 13

Halloween oct 27

Board put together welcome new parent letter for what is expected – hours input CEF ask

Lucia/Ramona same as above

Parent buddies for incoming K kids derived from buddy’s

For Halloween and walk-a-thon have separate parent core of parents for each

Potential CATSS new officers
Pres – Maggi?
VP – Cabria?
Treasurer – Greg?
Secretary – is open

End of year picnic
Same as last year

Meeting Minutes for 03/15/2018

CATSS Meeting 03/15/18

Next CATSS Meeting:

Attendance:, Dylan, Lisa, John H., Kelly W, Raph, Cassi, Lola

Previous meeting minutes: …



Focus on parents “Ask” and grants…
Need to ask alumni more involved somehow…
Use free SalesForce to send newsletters to alumni

Ideas to bring to graduates:
With Esperanza’s help put fact sheet together
Tangible donors choose: Rebuilding apps, making grove safer, Water fountain is underperforming, kitchen needs work, hot water heater

100 year Fundraiser

Food Truck:
Kid Creole – will do for $12-13 per plate
Elmy – Egyptian food truck is available no quote yet
Need to convey to food trucks need to feed 100 people
between xx time and xx time
2 menu items one must be veg

Bar – John H.n Needs 3 tenders for beer + 1 for wine
Pour – take tickets – collect and was glassware
Chris will volunteer as bartender
Kia, chris, Ann A,
Keg from Drakes 1-2
Keg from Lagunitas of only 1 form Drake
Donations from more breweries
Need mason jars small and big mouth
Wine – one red and one white – how many cases of each
Dylan, John, Kaya build bar –
Cassi ask for bar

Hard alcohol – $10 per bottle collector bottle with vintage label

Mixed drinks

Registration: – Eric is doing it Kelly is in communication

Aesthetics –
Ellis report
Get chairs and tables from Cassi’s company
Has color theme
6.5K geni for week ~$250

Mr Day get 678 do slide show with Gina

Lola report –
Kids artwork – go to Jeanne to have kids doartwork for aucion

Raffle off desney land tickets – legal complcations

Meeting Minutes for 01/04/2018

CATSS Meeting 01/04/18

Next CATSS Meeting: 01/11/18

Attendance: Ruby, Libbi, Dylan, Lisa, Sonya, Lola, Kelly W, Raph, Lola..

Previous meeting minutes: …


2016-2017 Budget was $3K negative budget
2017-2018 Budget – expecting large deficit.
Want to freeze STEM expenditures. Libbi put a stop to this
Fieldtrip fund budget item is likely a bigger cost than as shown on budget line item. – Send reminder to those who have not paid the upfront Field Trip ask.
Esperanza party room rental cover has been covered by presales

Asked for larger budget for 2 teachers in 8th grade
$25,000 for legal expenses
If get all families to give the $800 initial ask still need $400 from each family to balance both.
So far 43% of families have responded
$56K still needed.
CEF has reserve earmarked for “when state funds don’t come through” so can’t use to cover legal expenses.

Discussion of how to word “ask” to not offend but inform parents

Other fundraising ideas:
Fund a need
CATSS fund match CEFs extra ask from CATSS budget
Walk a thon instead of school picnic
100 year galla needs far enough far enough appart (date/time wise) from walk a thon

Raph ask Cassi to do Walk a thon.
Rent out Grove
– need to make pamphlet.
Group of volunteers to
Can’t use kitchen
Should charge for cleanup based on # of cigarette butts found in grove
Movies in the grove
Monthly spegetti dinner

100 metric miles Bike ride can’t do this year

Lemonade sales at the top of pinehears

Proposed:walk a thon early March and galla April 18th. Can parent community pull this off?

Buy a Brick or Buy a Tile at 150 to 300 per tile lots if people like this. People into leaves

Galla happening April
Buy a brick or patch or leaf start in March
Walk a Thon fall 2018
Invitation for gala has options for all the schwag available at gala

Activate Berkeley Bowl gift certificates – Dylan & Melanie
Mimi Jung Works at BB

Need detail meeting regarding fundraising. Will happen at CATTS meeting on 1/11/18

Meeting Minutes for 01/11/2018

CATSS Meeting 01/11/18

Next CATSS Meeting: 2/8/18

Attendance: Ruby, Libbi, Dylan, Lisa, Lola, Kelly W, Cassie, Josia, Sonya.

Previous meeting minutes: …


Current CATSS is short ~$5600 propose to pass balanced budget by planning to make more at 100 Year Gala (Gala $ will be split in some way with CEF). Total budget planned: CATSS needs almost $20K CEF needs $56K for a total of $76K needed.

Proposed by Sonya:
Do a Canyon community Ask for monthly donations for school using Canyon phone tree. CEF to execute

Cassie find out what previous reply/donation

Need Alumni list!!! Kelly W. says to get alumni (Montana?) to Get Jim and/or Espranza’s retirement party list Lead alumni ask with buying a leaf Raph working on it. Sonya ask Ramona. Sonya to do calling.

Cassie to talk to Gloria to separate out what bare bones budget would look like.

Raph. putting together mailer for 2Nd ask with list of programs that can’t be funded.

Offer volunteer spots for people who can’t pay can volunteer

Kelly W wants alcohol snow cones

Water fountain still does not work. Did filter get replaced? Needs to be fixed? James McNeal.

Ask ‘Cole and Babs if cater or help organize or oversee parents who do the work

Alcohol permit: No person to get alcohol permit. Lisa email Gloria for permit and Ask John Heylin to pull permit –

Need to put together 100 year committee. Kelly W send out to parents.

Tile things is subcommittee.

$ for scholars: auction. Lisa seed audience with ringers

Do ceramic tiles small and large.

Meeting Minutes for 11/09/2017

CATSS Meeting 11/09/17

Next CATSS Meeting: (Budget) 11/12/17

Attendance: Libbi, Dylan, Lisa, Cassie, Sonya, Lola, and many more…

Previous meeting minutes: …


CATSS – President position is opening up
Two positions opening up

SOUL SHOP: Flake-a-roonie! Waaa Waaannn
Jasia does 10 min presentation and should be on Soul Shop pay roll…

Dec. 3rd – Craft Fair – Costa Rica fund raiser
Feb 9th – 8th graders watch littler kids so parents can do other things – Costa Rica fund raiser.

Approx – $500 profit
8Th graders made in the #300’s

Do 100 year party and/or walkathon
Several parties in canyon city are being planned for 100th
Lucia- kid driven 100 year event
CEF – do a letter drive ask for $
Picnic planned somewhere…
Ruby – concerned CATSS needs good solid fundraiser and gala takes lots of $ to throw and other 100 year parties can draw people from each other parties. Don’t want to dilute other parties. Would be held in grove.
Esperanza Retirement Party – @ Jack London Aquatic Center – Jan 20th, $20 before Jan 1, $35 after Jan1, kids acceptable
Ruby – auction ideas – live auction items from local artists – kids –
Bike ride fundraiser – waiting for bridge to reopen


Meeting Minutes for 05/14/2018

CATSS Meeting 10/12/17

Next CATSS Meeting: 11/9/17 starts early: 6:30

Attendance: Libbi, Dylan, Lisa, Cassie & Jasia, Alli, John H. Judy X, Kelly W., Sonya, Greg &, May Bell, Lola

Previous meeting minutes: …



Volunteer list – Ruby send out and print out and post at school

Print posters and cards
Get list of online groups to send invites to – sent to Ruby

Misty’s chilli is on top of entrance tickets

Shift length – 1.5 or 2 hours

Food serving – 3 volunteers

Cake for Cakewalk – 15 volunteers
Need Cakewalk barker – Ruby asked Canyon
Need numbers for cake walk
Need better lighting aka dimmer and and strobe light
Penepolies disco ball
Recomend only cakewalk in 345

Main room DJ – Tony
Tell Tony that Jasia has 5 songs to pay – she know show to get the songs off the website
Uptown Funk
Honey I’m Good
Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush
Running Up The Hill – Kate Bush

Setup – needs volunteers

Cleanup – Need volunteers – Schedule Canyon School cleaning to come after Halloween
Extra garbage cans & label them!!! – Sonya warns

Photo Booth:
Where to put photo booth – on or upstairs?
Ask Gina or Clara – John ask Clara
If 6-7-8 doesn’t use skeleton should use in photobooth

Fortune Telling – need person
Dennese can’t
Ask Kate and Tasmine

Wrist bands – check inventory need minimum 300

Pumpkins – Jennifer parker got it!

Hay is sorted out

Game prizes: Kelly W will get some also donate them to Kelly W.

Canyon Community outreach – Send email to Jamie Riley and ask Esperanza – Lisa to email

Pay with credit card – Yes! Libbi has Square

Block off upstairs in main room!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridge update:
Bridge will be one lane temporary
Over budget already
Has approved funds so project moving forward
Construction to start 10/16/17
Estimated date of completion – mid to late november
Fixing damage to asphalt
Get rid of blinking sigh

Meeting Minutes for 10/03/2017

CATSS Meeting 10/03/17

Next CATSS Meeting: 9/12/17 @ Canyon, 7pm

Attendance: Libbi, Dylan, Lisa, Tony, Ruby

Previous meeting minutes: …



John – Games and lights
Tony Stepping down from heading Halloween Carnival
Ruby – Would like to pass on to another single person.
How many hours does Tony spend
If postcards are made there is a list they get posted & go in mailboxes
Hours 5:30 to 9pm
Date: 10/28/17

Vision for Halloween event going forward:
Games – no prizes
More cakes
Alcohol permit – Tell administartion Halloween getting alcohol permit for ‘18.

Ruby or Kelly W design (get old flyer for Tony)
“Dinner and Bake Sale separate from admission price”

Taco truck – over ruled for Misty ‘cause she rocks!

sandwich boards- Tony put out pumpkin, He will have John put out other two ghost

Mc main event and help with haunted house

Cake Walk needs good mic and speaker – Kerstin’s room
Tony look into PA for cake walk`
Dylan setup PA and mixer with way to pay music for cake walking

Lisa ask Camilla for feet for cake walk

Judy’s room: – kids crafts
Ruby to email Mimi to donate pumpkins or other places to donate 5” diam or smaller pumpkins

Photo booth – find backdrop up in room C
Volunteer appointed to take pics

Lisa make the SignUp Genius list and print out vollinetter list to put up at school

Whoever is a room point person for each room makes sure the room is put back together for monday school

Lisa to wrangle volunteers

Fortune teller:

Throw out Popcorn machine its busted
Popcorn maker needs own dedicated circuit

Dylan bring fire pit
Dylan look into popcorn maker

Coffee donations from Peets – coffee, safeway – sherbert and 7-up concoction (are we doing this). Ramona has letter for acquiring donations

Sonya to be asked to handle $ stuff

Trader Joes- get hot cyder donated must go far in advance with letter from Ramona to get donated.

Safeway – hot cider

Flyer – cash prefered

Hay bales, get 8, Ruby coordinate with Ellis

Meeting Minutes for 09/06/2017

CATSS Meeting 9/6/17

Next CATSS Meeting:

Attendance: Lisa , Ruby, Libbi , Dylan, Kelly M, Sonya

Previous meeting minutes: …


No fires so no s’mores.

Budget review of last year’s budget & base ‘17-’18 budget on last year’s budget
Very similar budget with minor changes – Contact Libbi for details
Scale back beginning of the year

100 Year Gala
Exact date?
Working through expenses vs. ticket price
Have current canyon families’ make food for gala and or work gala in other ways

Agenda for CATSS morning after campout meeting planned including have coordinators or larger events give a quick talk
Post meeting Agenda for campers to see included open positions

Also, all school meeting is a good time to have CATSS meeting with parents

Fire Marshal wants CATSS boxes that are across from hallway across from kitchen moved. Will move to Room “C” cabinets