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  • What: First Day of School
  • Why: We love our school!
  • When: Wednesday, August 27th
  • Bell Rings: 8:35 am
  • First Day Coffee: 8:15 am
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CATSS News, Front Page News

Welcome New CATSS Board!

A big, heartfelt thank you goes out to Nina Rea, Gina Gaiser, Laura Jung and Mary Burns for their work on the CATSS Board this year. It’s now time to welcome in the newly elected board for 2014-2015. Drum roll please…

  • David Ward, President
  • Mimi Jung, Co-President
  • Eric Peterson, Vice-President
  • Laura Jung, Treasurer
  • Ruthie Soderback, Secretary

CATSS News, Front Page News

Walk-a-thon Saturday, April 26th

A big thank you to the students, parents, teachers, staff and community of Canyon School. This year’s Walk-a-thon was so much fun and a giant success! After some deliberating and calculated measuring, we confirmed that the course is actually .4 miles – so that equates to 2 miles for every 5 laps walked. Despite the discrepancy, students met and exceeded their walking goals.

The top walker was: Sean Swanson walking 45 laps (OMG that’s 18 miles!)

We have until Friday, May 9th to turn in sponsor sheets and money to Ramona. Please consolidate cash into a check payable to CATSS. We will announce the top earners after all the donations have been collected. It’s not too late to get more sponsors!

  • All the Canyon student walkers! You gave it your all and we are grateful.
  • Walk-a-thon Committee led by Kelley Westling: Romy Falck, Nina Rea, Sonya Wilson, Gina Gaiser, Susie Asher and Cassie Hilaski
  • Gloria, Chris, Esperanza, Rebecca, Judy and Ramona
  • Jeanne Lorenz for coordinating printing T-shirts with Kate Wees, Kelley Westling and Angel Clifford
  • Gwen Winslow and Laura Jung for financials
  • Eric Reynolds and Jackson Fountain for music and PA
  • John Holland, Abe Lynn, Susie Asher, Laura Jung and Monica Kautzer for morning set up led by Nina Rea
  • Check in/out volunteers led by Cassie Hilaski
  • Food, ice-cream & fruit salad coordinators led by Sonya Wilson
  • CATSS swag table led by Mary Burns Lee
  • Course and revive station monitors
  • Clean up volunteers
  • Vendor donations: Noah’s Bagel’s, Cliff bar, Loard’s ice cream and Trader Joes
  • All our sponsors and wonderful volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you.

The Walk-a-thon is fast approaching!

  • This is a reminder to get sponsors for each lap or a flat rate. The goal is $250 per student ($15,000 total). Money is due in by May 9th (before 8th graders go to Costa Rica).
  • Volunteers are needed for day of festivities, sign up online here or look for poster board in foyer.
  • Want to invite friends, extended family and community members to come for Taco Truck lunch? The cost is $7 per person. To ensure we have enough food, guest lunch tickets must be purchased in advance from the school office by Friday, April 18th.

Looking forward to a fun, event!

Walk-a-thon planning committee
canyon walkathon 2011 - 031

How it works:

  • Students collect sponsorships to pay a flat amount or per lap donation.
  • Walkers bring their sponsor lists to the event and get a t-shirt.
  • Each lap is 1/4 mile, done on a track around the school, in the grove and on the fire trail.
  • Water and snacks will be provided.
  • Volunteers help with lap counting, revive stations, food, photography and coordination.

This fun day at the school will include:

  • a no-host taco truck lunch
  • special events
  • class/grade/individual top walker/top earner prizes!

Have your kids start thinking about potential sponsors. Information for walkers will be coming soon (sponsorship and waiver forms). There are many opportunities for parents, community members and alumni to help out with this fun, community building and fundraising event. Watch for sign up sheets at the school or contact CATSS for more information.

*The Walk-a-thon is the spring fundraiser to raise money for CATSS funds. This year this money has paid for:

  • after school class scholarships
  • the all school field trip
  • wish list funds for classrooms
  • visits from the Opera ala Carte and Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Spelling Bee fees
  • dirt for the garden
  • all school picnic costs
  • basket ball hoops, new tables for the school (coming soon) and more!

In addition, the funds we raise in collaboration with CEF bolster the school’s general fund and fill the gap between state funding and operational need to ensure our teachers and programs thrive.

Romy, Kelley & Walk-a-thon Committee
Nina, Gina, Laura & Mary

CATSS News, CEF News, Front Page News

Winter Raffle

2013 Winter Raffle PosterThe Winter Performance was impressive and touching, full of meaning, and simply representative of the reason we send our children to Canyon School. After the performance, the drawing was held for the Winter Raffle. The four prizes given were…

Grand Prize – $1,000
1st Prize – the new iPad Air – a prize secured by the Rea/Smith family (thank you so much, and please forgive us for neglecting to acknowledge this that evening)
2nd Prize – $500
3rd Prize – tickets to the San Francisco ballet – a prize secured by the Lee/Burns family (thank you!)

Canyon School’s students worked hard for weeks, selling raffle tickets to friends, family, parents’ coworkers, farmers’ markets’ folks, etc. In doing so, they raised $10,799 dollars for Canyon School. We are deeply proud of our kids and their efforts. (All you parents and your efforts are not forgotten for a moment, either.)

The iPad was won by beloved Canyon resident Tom Llewellyn. When his name was called, there was such an eruption of cheers and applause that it was reportedly heard by folks at home in Canyon. Extra fun is the fact that Tom had arrived with the intent to buy tickets to support the school, but had forgotten his wallet, and was sold his tickets on credit (with deep trust). He promptly paid for those tickets the next morning via Ramona.

The other three prizes were won by friends and coworkers of Canyon families who were present. It was a nice bonus that every winner was known by somebody in the room. Congratulations to all winners, but especially to our students for their fundraising success.


Your CATSS Raffle Committee:

Susie Asher
Sarah Keller
Jennifer Lynn
Kelly Mathews
Alena Soldatova
(and Anna Saporito, accidentally)

Auction News, CATSS News, CEF News, Front Page News

We Love Our Donors!

Canyon parent, Kelly Mathews, created a fantastic Pinterest page to thank the generous donors of Canyon Elementary School’s 2013 Urban Peasant Auction!

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